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Hello Dear Friend,

After researching and checking with previous users, I have created the below list of products that may help you while teaching online.

1.VEIKK A15Pro Graphic Drawing Tablet (Rs. 6,229/-)

It has

i.10 x 6 Inch Large Work Area

ii.12 Shortcut Keys & Unique Quick Dial

iii. Compatible with Almost Software

iv. Type-C Port for Both Direction

You can have a look at the product.

Link –

2.VEIKK S640 V2 Graphics Drawing Tablet – (Rs.3009/-)



It is cost-effective and has the below features.

i.6*4 inches, Ultra-light and ultra-thin

ii. Android & Computer Supported

iii. Bettry-free passive pen

You can have a look at the product

Link –

3.VEIKK VK640 Digital Graphic Tablet – (Rs.3195/-)

It also has a same price range with below features.

i.6X4 Inch Drawing Area

II. Customizable Express keys

iii. Suitable for both right and left hand users

You can have a look at the product

Link –



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